Why Im Pursuing Financial Independence

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This is the story of myself walking out onto my deck in the morning and pretending to look thoughtfully upon the day no this is the story of my journey to financial independence well what does this have to do with that i don’t know i just really like filming scenes it’s fun i love it oh yeah so can we try that again please okay this is the story of my journey

To the front porch where i okay now sometimes i feel a little bit like a dog because i need a good walk every day i used to feel a little bit silly about it but then i learned that some of the world’s greatest minds like darwin dickens nietzsche and beethoven all loved going for long walks so now i just say hey you know what those guys did they walked a

Lot and you know what i just went for a walk so we’re like practically friends all jokes aside my journey to financial independence has allowed me to carve out a small piece of freedom in my day that i just cherish so much the ability to start my day with a long walk this time last year i never would have been able to do such a thing that’s because i was

Supposed to be at my desk like a good boy for 8 am sharp ready to face another mind-numbing day in the corporate machine that type of lifestyle was definitely not for me it really hindered my personal growth in a lot of ways because i just wasn’t in charge of my own time now having reached a level of financial independence where i was able to take a risk

Like quitting my job i have the time to do things that i believe are critical for myself like taking a long walk i know it might sound silly if you’re not really the walking type but some of my best ideas and some of my favorite conversations i’ve ever had have been all along some trail i’m going to be going out west to the rocky mountains of alberta later

This week and i am just so excited to walk among those sleeping giants once again while i’m there i’m going to be filming an ask me anything video it’s been a while since i’ve done one and we just hit 40 000 subscribers thank you so much for that so please follow me on instagram and watch for a story that i’ll put out where you can submit your questions

For that video the last time i was out west i believe i was 23 years old and it was a pivotal time in my life i had just moved from a small town of less than 10 000 people to a city of around 3 million landed my first real job ended a relationship and decided to seriously pursue financial independence with all of these major changes happening i needed

Some clarity so i booked some time off work and headed out there my first time traveling solo i honestly don’t think i would be the same person today if i had not gone on that trip some of the decisions i made and promises to myself on those trails or atop those mountains i just don’t think would have manifested themselves if i had been trapped at my desk

But now having carved out a piece of freedom for myself i don’t need to submit a vacation request up an archaic chain of command so that somebody else can decide if it’s okay for me to move my body from one place to another i can just go and more than that i can just walk whenever i please what’s your walk i’ve talked about this in a previous video but i

Think it deserves more attention for me financial independence is very much about enabling me to live in accordance with my authentic self and for a very long period of time i was not doing this primarily because a traditional career path did not allow me to do this when i was young i felt like a strange kid because when somebody would ask what do you want

To be when you grow up everyone had answers doctor lawyer writer teacher they all had answers me i always made something up i lied because the truth is i like almost everything i am genuinely interested in general health wealth the meaning of life tell me about it my ears are open and i want to learn but be a doctor a banker a monk no thank you that’s just

Too specific for me so what place does someone like me have in the world a world that praises specializing in one very specific skill where’s the generalists where’s the jacks of all trades they weren’t there they weren’t in the traditional schooling system they weren’t in the traditional workforce but finally i found them they’re here they’re telling

Stories they’re forming new connections they’re doing what people told them they can’t so if you’ve ever felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole if you’ve ever felt like society doesn’t have a path for you get some independence and make your own damn path financial independence is not about money it’s about everything else i was watching a

Video the other day it popped up on my home page and it was by a channel called heinz the person was speaking about an idea that resonated with me a lot the idea of serving to masters from the area that i’m from growing up there was this narrow band of what was socially acceptable to be involved in as a male or in other words what was seen as cool sports

Were highly encouraged hockey being the big one so i played rep hockey and i really enjoyed it i made some of my best friends through it and to this day i still love being active but there was a lot of interest of mine that at the time i suppressed for example i love reading particularly in the fantasy genre and the stories that i read would inspire me to

Then write or to draw i love drawing these characters and i just let my imagination run wild but few people saw this work few people knew this side of me and that’s because this small subsection of society that i was growing up in they just did not encourage these types of interests kids would bully each other each other over this type of stuff creativity

And the arts in general weren’t really seen as a suitable masculine pursuit by my peers or by the school system that i grew up in so for a period of time that’s what i believed was true and so for most of my life i’ve been serving two masters one who has told me to conform to society’s whims and the other who has been keeping my spark alive however dim it

May have been sometimes one was my outward appearance one was my inward not anymore now i have a vegetable garden i read whatever the hell i want and i’m not afraid to tell thousands of people that i think the stormlight archive series is dope but most of all i went from someone who was extremely introverted and conditioned to think that they were weird

Based on society’s expectations to someone who is still admittedly happily introverted but also not afraid to put my authentic self out there once again the journey to financial independence is not about money it’s about everything else and for me it’s about serving my real self instead of society’s expectations what financial independence really gets you

Is independence in general and independence in general allows you to be free from the pressures of conformity so why pursue financial independence forget about the financial part for a minute let’s just talk about independence under a capitalist economy having enough wealth is definitely a prerequisite there’s no way around that but what i’m really after

Is just independence heinz also said another thing in the video that really resonated with me if you suppress yourself the world will suppress you well i’m about done suppressing myself aren’t you you

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Why I'm Pursuing Financial Independence By Stephen Antonioni