WHY Is Bitcoin DROPPING AGAIN!? | Dirty Financial Banking System EXPOSED

In this video, we talk NEWS! We update you on whats going on around the market today and more importantly why the market is RED across all platforms! We also do a quick update on the levels that we are looking at to buy bitcoin and enter new entries.

What is going on ladies and gents welcome back to bitcoin daily today we’re going to be doing a market analysis um well more more like market news uh and an update on what’s going on today on this uh bloody bloody monday as you can see here um so let’s just jump right into it uh the crypto market lost 22 billion in market cap today with over 90 of the 100 top

Crypto assets plunging in price and going red um the price of bitcoin fell under 10 400 uh but it’s currently bounced back up nicely here um but we did get a decline of about four and a half percent within the last 24 hours before this bounce back where now it’s down only 3.69 um i know a lot of you are going to be anxiously looking on with march 12th on the

In the back of your minds um at that time bitcoin suffered a two-day price plunge that saw crypto assets lose over half of its value in two days um the black thursday market crash was not only felt in the crypto community but throughout traditional stock market and equity markets as well um and it was in large part due to the surging in covet 19 pandemic now a

Similar trend is appearing to be playing out today with the dow jones and uh the s p 500 falling due to fears over the ongoing pandemic in a potential second wave so you guys can see here this is dow jones it is down today 629 points or 2.28 and um the s p 500 is down 57 points or 1.74 um so you can see all the news here on you know what people are reporting

Uh doubt tumbles 800 points as corona fears mount um and then also this is the other thing we’re going to cover stocks tumble on big banks role in money laundering report so and then also fears of stimulus delay so there’s a lot of things going on today guys on this monday and that’s why um it’s been such a red day today so um earlier this month bitcoin suffered

One of its biggest slumps since march while it recovered a bit since then it appears now that the last few days of the month may be as ugly as the first of the month for crypto if not worse so as you can see here the beginning of this month where are we this was when the drop so september 3rd was the big drop right here and then we slowly just kind of you know

Bounced around here until we finally started moving on up and then now boom another drop so um we’ll get more into that in a bit um as far as technicals go bitcoin failed to break through the 11 000 resistance after finishing near 11 100 on saturday um it’s been downhill since then for bitcoin over the last day though the the it is still over 10 000 which is a

Very main support level and we’re also using the this fibonacci uh retracement support right here um at ten thousand four hundred all right so um now you guys already know as bitcoin since it is the king of the market as it goes so does the rest of the crypto market um so the rest of the crypto market is similarly suffering today ethereum the second largest

Crypto asset by market cap fell by more than 10 uh today before stabilizing around 345 and it’s currently down only 7.40 uh newcomer polka dot also uh dropped about 14 today earlier today now it’s only down 10 percent uh it did drop below that four dollar mark it’s currently at 4 12. um other than that uh finance the finance coin dropped about 10 today uh so

Each coin is currently at 23 and which is about 12 less than a day before uh it’s current it’s currently at 10 though so it has the market has been slowly bouncing back a little bit but we’re still pretty big uh on the red side right now um if we look at the d5 market um let’s look at some of these here uh chain link one of the hottest coins of the year it’s

Dropped by 11.6 percent um yearn finance it’s down 14 right now it was down as much as 25 percent earlier today uh it went all the way down to 21 900 uh uma and av both down about 20 today and uh uniswap which is a new popular coin everybody’s talking about right now it’s the the hottest thing on the market for the past week uh it’s down about 12 and it’s evil

Clone sushi swap uh is down about 11 so they’ve all uh climbed back up a little bit uh but still all in double digit losses um just like in march the crypto market slump appears to be highly correlated with traditional financial markets uh panicked investors caused the doubt to drop by almost 800 points earlier today while the s p and nasdaq dropped over two

And a half percent both indices are currently at july levels uh so that’s key to know right now uh why let’s go jump back over here um while a variety of factors may be affecting the market two important ones may be responsible first is the boom this right here we have we’ve been getting news today um about covid 19 um that there is a surge in cases and that

It might prolong the global recession overall so um this is this is one of the things that uh was it has been affecting the market overall today and the second thing if we click over here uh leaked documents from the financial uh crimes enforcement network published by buzzfeed has revealed the ways in which banks and federal u.s regulators have failed to prevent

More than two trillion dollars in dirty money from flowing through the financial system guys this is the whole purpose see people say that bitcoin is for criminals guys read this article they say that bitcoin is for criminals that criminals use bitcoin no um the biggest criminals in the world are banks guys you guys need to learn this stuff um so that’s definitely

The kind of thing that makes people a little nervous about where they’re putting their money um and it’s definitely affected um the prices in the stock market today which also affects the price for bitcoin so as you can see here if you scroll down this article money from drug cartels organized crime marines corrupt leaders money that funds terror networks bloody

Wars and human trafficking all laundered clean the banks don’t stop the money and the government doesn’t stop the banks so if you guys go on to read this articles it says thousands of secret suspicious activities reports offering a never-before-seen picture of corruption and complicity and how the government lets it flourish so as you guys see this is why bitcoin

Is needed so badly um in this world because of things like this they try to hide it because they want control over the money and with bitcoin they cannot control uh you know the money they won’t they wouldn’t be able to do these things with bitcoin um so as you can see here if we look at the technicals of bitcoin for today as you can see we have gone up and uh

We dropped down to this fibonacci point six one eight level um and that is the current support for now if we do drop below this um there is no support until about ten thousand ten thousand is the first main support and then after that is the next fibonacci level which is 98.45 so those are the next levels to look for if we continue this drop um i’m hoping and

I’m thinking that we hold here but as you saw before we can drop lower um so you just have to be ready to play on both sides regardless of which way the market decides to go just have trade setup in both sides if we do bounce back up then uh we’re looking at targets of about ten thousand six hundred and ten thousand eight hundred which is this fibonacci level

Right here um and if we go beyond that then we can look at targets where we were at before which is eleven thousand and eleven thousand two hundred so those are the levels we’re currently looking at everything else is red and i’m not gonna go over all the other charts right now because we did that yesterday you guys can check it out yesterday’s live stream it is

On our twitch channel um i didn’t post it up this week uh or today because um because we had such a big move in the in in this direction and i wanted to just kind of cover everything that was going on and why this move is happening right now so um i hope you guys enjoyed this i wanted to make this video a little bit different and i want i i wanted to do some

More editing in the video but my video editor isn’t working so i had to just you know uh make it happen like this if not we’re just gonna keep waiting until i could get that fixed um but that’s pretty much it guys uh drop any questions you have in the comments and i will try to answer them but definitely check out those articles that i pointed out for you guys

Uh let’s do a question of the day let me see where where is my question of the day page here it is so as you guys know over here the question of the day every video will have a random question about something in the video the question will always be in a random area of the video find a question then find the answer post your answer in the comments for a chance

To win a free month membership to our trading room but remember winners are only picked randomly once the video receives over 30 likes so we need to get those 30 likes guys if not we can’t do the giveaways um so i did not write a question of the day let’s uh let’s see let’s see i’m uh it’s going to be i’mma keep it simple what is the next port area for bitcoin

Below ten thousand four hundred very simple guys that is a question of the day just go ahead and drop the answers and that’s it man thank you guys very much have a great monday peace and love as always

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WHY Is Bitcoin DROPPING AGAIN!? | Dirty Financial Banking System EXPOSED By Bitcoin Daily