Why The Yamaha MT-03 is the Best Beginner Bike EVER

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This is the 2021 yamaha mt-03 and it does something that no other entry-level beginner bike can do and i can’t wait to tell you guys all about it let’s do it so for as long as i can remember this is how they make entry-level bikes they make them like this and they make them like this and they make them like this they make them small for small tiny little people

Because i think you learn you start you’re gonna learn how to ride when you’re really really small but what happens when you’re big when’s when you’re a large man a larger person and you want to start riding a bike the problem is you look stupid learning or riding as a big guy on a small bike you look like a big guy fat man and a small coat you know what he says

What’s he saying yeah he’s a big guy in a little coat but just because you’re big does not mean you’re ready for a thousand cc 100 horsepower 100 200 horsepower well that was the case until now but this is completely different it’s so different that when i first saw one of these things i thought this was an mtl7 which happens to be one of my most favorite loved

Motorcycles you can take a video i’ll be riding one right here but it’s not it’s co3 this is the baby of yamaha’s mt lineup you’ve got the o3 you got the mt-07 you have the mtl9 and then you have the mt-10 and all these create the family and it’s what yamaha calls their hyper naked lineup which is different than regular naked this is the most amount of naked a

Motorcycle can legally be but you as a person if you got busted outside hyper naked you would get arrested for hyper indecent naked exposure not a motorcycles they’re different now the m203 is powered by a nice little very powerful 321cc water-cooled a two-cylinder engine which makes 37 horsepower to the wheels which may not sound like very much but if you can if

You compare that power to weight ratio to a car it would have a better power to weight ratio than a mazda miata and if any if you’ve ever driven a mazda miata or if you heard of anyone talk about driving to mazda miata they’re awesome they’re really really fun vehicles so this you could consider this the miata of motorcycles but what makes this bike so unique is

That i’m 62 and i feel comfortable sitting on this bike i mean it really is a full-size normal street bike and not only that msrp is like 4 700 bucks so you get this bike for less than 5000 bucks i mean if if i was starting out this would be the bike that i would have wanted to have had or if i’m recommending someone who’s starting out a grown man and once i get

On a sport bike or naked street fighter this is absolutely the bike another cool thing about it is use the same engine as their entry-level race bike the yamaha r3 it’s just tuned and geared for the street opposed to racing now the other thing i really like about this bike is that it’s it’s not all teched out it’s simple other than abs it has no other driver’s aids

And that’s because it doesn’t need any other driver seats you don’t need wheelie control you don’t need track you don’t need uh different power modes you don’t need you know traction control it’s just just learn how to ride the bike the way it is and i i really appreciate that it also helps keep the cost down and since it has the ergonomics of a the naked bike

With the dirt bike handlebars and the way the pegs are you know it’s going to handle extremely well and it’s cheap on insurance and looks like a robot insect transformer all for less than five thousand dollars let’s go take this thing for a spin but first let’s address the hate the only hate that i’ve had the only hate that i’ve seen on this bike was one thing

And people complained about first and second gear being geared too low my problem with that is it is only 37 horsepower so what do you expect either it’s gonna be it’s either gonna be geared for a little more power or it’s gonna be geared for taller speeds but you can’t have both so to put things into extremes if you had one gear that could do 200 miles an hour

It’d be incredibly slow during that whole time if you had one gear that could do 20 miles an hour it’s going to be real quick and snappy they found some they found some mid-range so i would rather have the bike be a little quicker and snappier at the lower ends in the first couple gears so you can do wheelies then be shifting less so i mean i don’t know it makes

Sense to me let’s go take it for a spin all right guys do the words of wisdom philippians 4 4. rejoice in the lord always and again i say rejoice put that back in my pocket put on the only gloves that i love to wear the m1 i tell you what i put my helmet on and i was like man when i put my helmet on i feel like i’m home i feel the same way about these gloves i

Put my helmet in my gloves on i’m just home guys i’m pumped crack my leg all right i’m pumped to ride this motorcycle and to show you guys what this little guy can do check this out this might surprise you a little wheelie right there not bad not bad so this thing’s a this is peppy this is a peppy little bike if you’re thinking like uh 250 rebel beginner bike

And stuff like that this is not what that is you know those bikes were were pretty slow pretty dog-ish pretty sluggish i’m being honest with you guys if if you didn’t tell me what this was i’d have thought it was a maybe even a 500 parallel twin or 550 or a 600 parallel twin not obviously not a 600 super sport i’m not saying that you know it never flat lines in

The power it never runs out of steam or falls on his face it just it feels good guys if that oil light’s flashing it’s got oil in it i think it’s uh i think it’s just telling me it needs um the first oil change and we checked we checked it for oil i don’t know maybe it’s gonna explode i don’t know so shifting on this bike very very smooth the clutch it’s cable

Clutch it feels incredibly light you know you still have that feeling but i mean you can easily one finger look at this one finger clutch it without getting fatigued check this out i’m in fourth gear i’m going 40 miles an hour on a small cc bike watch this roll into the gear i don’t get it downshift or if i want to accelerate i’m going to drop two gears i can

Just roll into it i mean this thing i think the gearing is perfect i never ever would have made a note or comment being like uh first second gear or gear too low um because i think i don’t think they are i think they feel perfect and just like my analogy before about comparing this to a to a miata you’re not going to get in high speed trouble you know you’re not

Going to be doing 90 miles an hour or whatever but on this slow in the corners one of the one of the most fun things you can do on a motorcycle more fun than destroying the speed limit on the highway which i would encourage you not to do more fun than you know drag racing your buddy from straight left the street light which you definitely should not do but hey

Uh you know you know one of the most fun things on a motorcycle and this bike is perfect for that is when you see that corner that says 15 miles an hour and you’re like i’m gonna do it at 45 and you just keep on pushing and pushing and this thing feels planted it handles so well it has all the power you’re going to need to do just to have fun with it you know

And the thing is that makes sense you know back in the days guys were riding small displacement motorcycles and they weren’t very powerful but they were still fun because you know cars weren’t very powerful back then compared to stuff we have now and listen i know there’s a guy out there who’s like i had a 427 on a 426 hemi cuda and it was it ain’t no hellcat you

Guys were not touching 700 horsepower back then but we have a lot of more drivers aids now it’s a good bike let me just say it’s a good fun bike i do like the way it feels it’s been a little it’s been a couple months since i’ve been on an fc7 or since i’ve been on a uh fc8 or fc 9 or fc10 or c11 or fc12 or fc13 or any of the fcs or the mt’s or any of those um i

Don’t think they feel any different i think it’s a really really fun size you know reading the manual reading the uh reading like the information about these things how they ergonomically build the tanks to fit the rider and stuff i like that now i don’t know if this uh someone adjusted this brake pedal it’s very rare that i get on a bike and the brake pedal is

Adjusted in a way that i can ju i can cover the brake pedal normally i can’t normally hang my toe off i gotta re i gotta lift up to grab the rear brake pedal um unless i adjust it to the way it feels good but this one i can just i can sit on there and cover it not a huge deal i just thought it was kind of interesting to mention guys let’s rip this 0-60 right

Now now listen i know what you guys are saying you like guys showing a small bike small bikes i can go very fast i think the 0-60 might impress you maybe not all right there that’s not bad that is a that’s not a bad 0-60 for a 321 cc motorcycle can you believe that and now we’re riding this thing on the highway it’s a lighter bike but it’s not crazy light

Now that’s a good thing and a bad thing some people are like oh i want a light i want to i want to have everybody for the highway i’ve never really seen that being an actual that makes you feel more stable that’s not really what’s how how what makes a spike stable in my opinion it weighs 375 pounds 50 pounds lighter than like a 600 super sport it is a much smaller

Engine though the reason the bike’s not that much smaller but generally the reason like the fcs and these other naked bikes are not significantly lighter because they have less stuff it’s because a lot of the parts they’re taking off are fairings and that’s light anyway but then also some things that are on a super sport bike that might be aluminum they’re just

Going to use steel or something because they’re trying to keep the cost down and i think that’s a i’m okay without keeping the cost down because you need some good fun entry-level bikes and the fact that this is probably maybe with taxes you might be just over 5 000 bucks but msrp is 4700 bucks it’s really really hard to beat that and i think this is a pretty

Impressive bike guys that wraps it up thanks for hanging out we will see you next time check out the link below for all the cool uh the greatest motorcycle gloves and some of the other products that we uh that we mentioned on the videos check out this next video right here remember it’s not what you’re riding but where are you going we’ll see you guys later

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