Why we should pay College Athletes

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Money in the pack once you get a little they just wanted to kick down god well i got the money the ncaa defines amateurism is whatever the ncaa wants amateurism to be to me if i decide to go play basketball with my friends and nobody’s watching her pain to watch us and they shouldn’t that’s amateurism if i’m playing in front of millions of people and millions

Of people are paying money to see me and i’m not allowed to make money that’s not amateurs that’s you taking advantage of me my nephew is the the student body president the university kentucky as student body president he’s provided with a number of benefits that if he were an athlete would be considered violative of ncaa rules he’s paid $5,000 a year to be

Student body president and he’s on full scholarship now if i were to say that anthony davis is being paid $5,000 a year people would be up in arms over nobody cares when the student body president doesn’t you have to ask yourself this well what does amateurism provide to the athlete is the athlete a better student a better person a better athlete by virtue of

Their amateurism and i think the answer is no no other person is told in their field of endeavor you may not benefit beyond this expense the star english student is not told if you write a book you will no longer be able to keep your scholarship so that sounds stupid a few years about the ncaa tournament 90 miles brand the president of the ncaa about amateurism

I said why can’t you pay the players he said because they’re amateurs why are they amateurs he said well because we don’t pay them there was nothing else for me to say at that point you can’t argue with somebody who says it’s true because it’s true and that’s the end of it yeah i wear my chain to the game before the game i sit champagne from the world cup oh

Yeah i’m here to start i pray on the hill and brazil the christ of a demon but most kids worship us i just warming up here i’m almost ready turning up a bit more check me out dog look it’s kinda charge of the city of god to reach the goals in the soccer star just records to break metal to take if there’s no players there’s no march madness there’s no brackets

There’s no bowl games there’s none of that it’s funny i looked up the definition of adventure server and it’s exactly the student athletes get full get accommodations and you get training you get back can you walk me through your day-to-day schedule when you are in season and then got a good dinner and then you agree with that the student-athletes are

Being compared to indentured servants yes would you agree with that biggi student-athlete is relatable to having a full time job

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Why we should pay College Athletes By Jacob Egger