Will VVS Finance be good investment after binance listing? vvs finance CoinMarketCap priceprediction

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Is vvs finance a good investment most people know crypto.com is an exchange and wallet app competing with the likes of kraken and coinbase with a series of high-profile advertising campaigns these include commercials featuring matt damon a super bowl halftime spot with lebron james and naming rights to the former staples place be that as it may the singapore-based

Company has been doing much more since it launched kronos an evm compatible blockchain whose defy ecosystem has grown steadily to 2.3 billion dollars in tvl since it went live in november welcome to viewers to my channel please subscribe like my video and turn on notifications so you don’t miss our next update note this is not financial advice vvs protocol is the

Largest project on the chronos chain taking up 59 of its total tvl as a february 15th it’s already the seventh largest decks by tvl currently behind dealer joe and just in front of osmosis what is vvs finance vbs finance is a dex that provides the usual defy capabilities swaps liquidity pools and staking it stands for extremely simple finance making its uvp clear

The platform aims to simplify defy it does this through gamification in an easy to use interface it also checks many of the box’s footprint recommends you look at while assessing the health of a crypto project substantial initial market cap vvs finances market cap jumped from 20 million to 170 million dollars in the first couple of months since its launch and has

Largely reflected the general market pattern since then at that point reasonable trading volume vvs finances trading volume has mostly remained between 5 and 20 of its market cap price activity the price activity of the protocols token vvs is about as volatile as you would expect from another dex project in another chain but with no suspicious pumps so why has the

First am on chronos in a potential competitor to be the following sushi swap or pancake swap pulled in so much controversy recently vvs’s total circulating supply is 2.2 trillion and its total supply is more than 36 trillion which will increase to 100 trillion north of a decade through its emissions schedule as the only major dex token that is so inflationary note

That cake has no hard cap but has deflationary mechanisms to keep the supply taken care of vvs finances tokenomics model is an outlier i held both vvs and tonic but sold both upon looking at the tokenomics they’re really bad 100 trillion supply of vvs and 500 trillion of tunic to put that in perspective its 1000x more vvs than there is doge and doge is already a

Wildly inflated koi whose price suffers tremendously for it and they plan to emit half 50 trillion in 2022 alone so definitely isaac really don’t understand how it’s gonna rise in value at all unless you just don’t believe in inflation by any means are you looking for a vvs finance price prediction 2022 2025 and 2030 then at that point you are at the right place

We will share some of the most anticipating questions that seriously need consideration and exact answers there is a distinctive characteristic to each crypto project that makes it stand out from the group cryptocurrencies were made as a secure organization that expands the ongoing file sharing technology lately investors have become increasingly interested in

The crypto space because of its rapid price increase and need to know the answers of these frequently asked questions is vvs finance vvs a good investment how much will vvs finance be worth in 2025 or how much will vvs finance be worth in 10 years this article provides information on the fundamentals and vvs price forecast movements on the front with regards to

This let’s get started vvs finance currently stands at 0.000610 usd with a market capitalization of 156546508 making it rank 234 in the most valuable coins list vvs has a 24-hour volume of 1230 366 according to tech news leader price record the price value of vvs finance has changed 0.64 in the previous 24 hours in last seven days the price of vvs has a change

Of 1.02 percent it is limited to a maximum supply of 25 647 156755 715 coins vbs finance price prediction 2022 in 2022 with more adoption and partnerships between other important blockchain networks the price of vvs finance would skyrocket the maximum trading price may reach 0.0001332. in 2022 the price ranges

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Will VVS Finance be good investment after binance listing? vvs finance CoinMarketCap priceprediction By Pianta crypto