XDC Breaking NEWS: New TRADE FINANCE Project & Token Ready To Launch on XDC Network DO NOT MISS VOY

XDC Breaking NEWS: New TRADE FINANCE Project & Token Ready To Launch on XDC Network DO NOT MISS THIS #XDC #VOY #TradeFinance Buy VOY Token: @euromandriver Visit Voy:

Hello welcome to euromane driver and welcome to another crypto video with very very exciting news because a new trade finance project and token is launching on the xtc network and it is the void defy token and it is a very exciting project i am telling you and it’s launching on xtc.seal with the pre-sale tokens so let’s dig into this for a little while very

Exciting indeed and this is the website of the voidify invoiceify.com and it’s a beautiful v-shaped logo and it is saying coming soon very or voy is unique harnessing t5 to meet the real world 1.7 trillion dollar trade finance cap and as a countdown to 47 days and that’s when they are really launching the entire system right here but soon there is also a public seal

Going on and i’ll tell you about that later in the video so hang on because this is probably one of the most exciting projects built on the xtc network and before we continue great great news and that is very much related to this project in worldify and that is that the electronic trade document build is very very close to approval and will be ready for the middle

Of 2023 this is what chris southworth is saying from east icc united kingdom today the uk electronic trade document bills begin his journey through parliament by mid-2023 there will be no legal requirement to handle commercial trade documents on paper it’s a game-changing moment not just for the uk but you but world trade as well and it is indeed very exciting

Both for ecstasy network the throttle token from trade check as well but also for invertify this new project that i’m gonna talk about in this video and that you can be a part of as well because check this out this is from asian development bank he is saying that global trade finance cap is writing to 1.7 trillion dollars in 2020 and just imagine what it is in

2022 and next year it is going to be much much bigger and in 45 is moving on to help closing this gap of 1. trillion dollar in detroit finance with blockchain technology very very exciting i’ll just show you something down here this leaves what the asian development bank calculates as a 1. trillion trade finance cap of goods which do not get exported because of

Finance is unavailable and void e5 will change that because y d phi is very very advanced when it comes to blockchain technology and of course they’re using the xdc network technologies as well and ocean of change bridging d5 to esg digital design straight finance and it’s coming it’s changing the entire world when difficult trade finance is implemented in the

Uk english laws it will cross across the globe and will make a project like this a big big winner the three 20 trillion dollar opportunity global trade is broken and continues to worsen due to the pandemic growing demand for transparency resource efficiency security and sustainability in supply chains trust issues have created 1. trillion trade finance shortfall

Invoy can fill this chronic gap blockchain is a widely agreed game changer for global trade and we know that if you’ve been following ecstasy for a while you know it’s created for global digital trade finance and it’s already in one of some of the biggest trade finance networks that you interview about so invoy d5 or d5 will challenge this and do you believe that

They can fill the support this gap of 1.7 trillion it’s a great vision and i believe he can do it so now it’s time for the worry d5 enables the web 3 methods to pooling of liquidity to real use case lending and you know with three xtc network is a web 3 network 1.7 trillion of trade goes unfunded each year lastly due to unavailability of liquidity and also here at

The xtc network can help voidify meeting to demand esg is fast becoming a must i’ll be talking about this in another video very soon what this is all about esg void d5 connects these trends and tabs into an entirely new segment within a lucrative real world markets and i just found something about vari as well right here invite defy is an end-to-end sustainable

Sustainable supply chain payment reel and financing solution with supplier esg certification and vessel carbon monitoring as global trade and trade finance undergo the digitization a whole ecosystem has been built to help produce in inefficiencies open close shop practices increase speed of transactions and improve market adoption in a regulated manner while

Inward d5 is a part of this ecosystem and will compete in the arena in order to deliver all the advantages that go with it very very very exciting and if you see the team behind inward t5 it’s mind-blowing as well there are some names you will recognize so what is invoiceify the invoy team has spent over three years behind the scenes deeply immersed in the sector

Engaging with industrial experts and users to develop the invoy framework and create a target solution for industrial pain points these discussions have brought to light in need for three in integral core components as supply chain finance marketplace across border payment system all of this sitting on blockchain dlt reels the invoice solution has embraced this

And is composed of two main components each of which are built on blockchain reels in my supply chain market space and cross-border payment gateway wow and you are wondering what kind of token will that be because that will be a very valuable token you’re correct so invitify is building the bridge in d5 and digital trade invoice unique harnessing defy to meet the

Real world of 1.7 trillion trade finance gap like kickstarted for court funding in my defy is outsized new pool of liquidity fund on service market bridges multi-chain liquidity pools unlike url d5 inward earns yields by unlocking real economic gains brings forcing token value reinforcing token value whoa by implementing an dao decentralized and autonomous

Organization t5 users have a say in the contracts the liquidity is funding bridging the gap between d5 and digital trade invite integrates with existing solutions and tops by banks so we deliver the same low risk as expect and highly lucrative returns as the institutions earn entire finance invoice is able to level the scale up by leveraging the existing investor

Infrastructure of our service partners and they already have some amazing partners as you will see very soon in this video so what is the warrior token the invoice token of voy sits at the heart of invoice efficiency it is designed to be a utility token whoa good word utility token native to recorder blockchain hello and who’s working with the color blockchain

Htc network through imple of course and it’s a core component of the invoy funding revolution this token permeates the majority of the behind the scenes functionality within the ecosystem and is used as both a method of value transfer and data management ritual system voy allows trade to move faster and more efficient than ever before what drives the value of

The void token the value of the void token is driven by supply and demand the value of the body is subject to market forces and may increase or decrease at any time invite maintains market making operations on all primary platforms centralized exchanges and taxes and plans to continue to do so remember now that this was first launched on ethereum so there’s also

An ethereum token and an xtc token and i’ll show you the tokenomics very soon what can i do with my void tokens in addition to being accepted in settlement for various invoice and third-party services void holders can benefit from the use of the tokens in the supply chain financing system through a staking program and staking guys passive income the voice taking

Program allows token holders to make their tokens available to the ecosystem as a means of providing liquidity for supply chain payments and its staking is on their own platform very very easy to do so what’s hidden for you like we talked about the staking years of 10 to 14 on a yearly basis until the tvl reaches 200 million then the est trade finance lending goes

Live and returns increase to the usdc values aha interesting these are real returns calculated against true economic gains not just just systemic crypto returns so it’s real the real deal guys it’s just go through this fast frequently uh frequently asked questions invite is an intern supply chain and financing network or the users trade and supply chain finance

Marketplace with casseries and evolution in trade finance delivering any instant speed and reducing cost across the supply chain through tokenized letters i’ve created why you pay global supply chain paying resolutions tokenize bills of lading smart askov and other innovative industrial leading technologies and here we go with the key points regarding the token

It’s gonna the blockchain protocol is an ethereum as well and we’ll see multiple bridge to xrc that’s the xcc network and also to beep 20 and avac seat chain core hibulator fabric and then firefly etc are three quarter enclave fire blocks so you can see it’s a very serious project i want to reach out to the whole world the total max supply is 500 million avoid

Tokens and initial circulating supply is only 50 million worry of which is ethereum tokens are 25 million and ecstasy network tokens supply at 25 million void tokens and the ecstasy white token will be called x boy pretty cool actually i like that so that’s very very little in circulation and i believe the price i’m not going to make any price prediction really

Now but i mean i would not be surprised if this goes to 50 100 or 200 per token at some point even higher and in 2012 you couldn’t even be able to buy it under a trade finance website it will be integrated right there that’s also built on ecstasy network it’s a global trade finance index exchange super exciting and also on other exchanges normal exchanges like be

True pro pit and qcoin is gonna come in the spring 2023 and here we see some of the incredible partners and i believe this is just the beginning but check this out wow firefly xcc foundation fire blocks r3 corner called ipm x web protocol because it’s my protocol are the owners of the xc.cl website trade finance ethereum even kyc chain pull star wow the luxurious

Volvo brand oh the global danish supply company trade finance company so this is exciting i can’t wait to read more about this and these partnerships as well and here is the team behind the vortify invitify check this out all these people all the different experiences and there might be some faces you’ll recognize especially this guy andrea foschini he’s also

Working for htc network as you can also see here and that other people as well oh yeah miss the mr mitchell xcc community advisor as well and that might be some other people you’ll recognize but this is a great team so no doubt i’m very bullish about this this looks very very promising and here back to the website the big v and a countdown 47 days and by the

Way it is company project is based in italian in estonia and estonia is very pro-crypton and blockchain and let’s go back here to twitter yes as i said before it is launching on ecstasy.cl the first launch for the xtc token for y so do not miss this opportunity i believe maybe this is the best and most professional project that will be built on ecstasy network

In this period of time this is a huge opportunity to get in early on something that can become very very big okay and here’s xtc.seales website there’s no pre-sales right now but the void token is gonna come up within the next week or two and here is the voice twitter provider make sure to follow them to get the latest news as well and i’ll be making more videos

About roy because there’s a lot of stuff to cover i just realized that when i start researching this project cool that’s so much this is what he’s saying in that twitter preaching oceans of liquidity pools to sustainable digital trade finance and ethereum in ecstasy so make sure to not miss this is not financial advice you have to do your own research but please

Do your own research because this can be something very very big and unique so subscribe to your main driver make sure to put on the notification bell as well so you’ll get the latest videos when i upload them take care guys and have a great day bye bye all right

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XDC Breaking NEWS: New TRADE FINANCE Project & Token Ready To Launch on XDC Network DO NOT MISS VOY By euromandriver