You Need to buy your NEXT car from CARMAX (HERES WHY)

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Josiah’s back with another video once again make sure you hit me notifications you gotta be notified every time i posted video make sure your allies subscribe to the video man giving you all that good content as usual man right now me and my wife just purchased a new car really just me cuz i gotta prove the zero down i like this so make sure you have good credit

Make sure you budget and write and have good credit that’s how you’re gonna be able to purchase a car with zero down i think my apr was like 4.5% some like that we got a new car i show you all right now so we picked up this journey as you see at the 19 inch give y’all just a real quick review i bought this car with 29k miles on it so yeah i bought a really

Low mileage i got it for seventeen eight eight and honest i’m like that so really good really she was looking forward to rango but we couldn’t get one with zero down so we had to get this sadly i mean it still look a car it looks like damage just looks then we like the durango do the ring we’ll just have some lumber back it has the research so that’s what i

Was looking to get but we can get one with zero down we had to put down like 2k but i think we had to do that because i had no cosigner so i didn’t have my wife cosign at all so i think she would have cosine i think would have got it the durango but this is good enough this is the best deal we could find we uh me and my wife we went to a dodge dealership in

A gray pine and had a durango doctor ringo was 19 k got the dodge durango 419 k was 2016 dodge durango was fully upgraded everything nice v6 engine in there but got the numbers ran back they took a long don’t i just won’t even prefer going to another shitty but um so he went to the great brown dealership got all numbers ran test drove it all that get so they

Come back and they took a long damn time coming back they came back and was like well i told him this i said hey i want my payments around 300 350 bob took like 20 minutes to come back came back i had good credit so they came back and was like we approved you for the car my bad they came back i’m tripping they came back and was like well you have two cars on

Your name already so you can uh we can uh pour some of the banks are not approving you so i was i okay do appraisal for my dodge dart cuz i wanna get rid of it anyways so dedication for my dodge dart they do appraisal for the dodge dart and they only gave me back like 2150 i was like nice just worth more than that but this to cut in today i went to car max and

After that i got approved for like 3000 for the car it really ain’t worth i could have got approved for more cuz i have it modified i was just seeing what i could get for it if i put it back stock i’ll probably get back like 3,500 or 4,000 some like that but um but after that they had produced a car they came back out of the office took a long-ass time and

It was like well you’re approved to fc fc a chrysler who’s that chrysler approved it for the loan out or whatever attacked on like 8,000 so it was like twenty eight thousand plus title tags and title fees and stuff like that so or including with the tax and title fees and my payments were like 675 a month for 75766 48 a month for 75 months i was like that

Doesn’t make sense why the hell i already told you what i wanted my payments would be around and they come out with this he came out like oh we have some good news for you i’m like man that’s not no good news 75 brad that’s over six years denver seven years for the ring word i got it the ringo had 83 thousand miles on it i was like in my whole goal that day

Was i mean see what i can get see what the numbers were not so really purchasing that’s why would i purchase something with 82 k miles on it doesn’t make sense getting it it was nice it was upgraded and i can work on cars so really ain’t that big of a deal with something with 82,000 miles but um he came out and i was like nah man go back in there and run the

Numbers because yeah i told you what i wanted but he came back into financial gain the financial advisors that came out was a a these banks declined you the other bank a fiat chrysler whatever chrysler paint pretty much accepted me so i was like okay hell no i’m not doing that went to carmack’s no went to he went to would another dealership i forget what

It was went to a dealership and ulis in 8gb or then pretty much the same i’m not gonna explain a hat is waiting for like a hour and two hours so some pretty much at that dealership we gotta prove gotta prove but the bank was charging the dealership of five i’m not sure why it was trying i bet the bank was charged from that dealership a five thousand dollar

Fee and they won and uh and obviously we had to pay that five thousand dollar fee because they wanted from the bank they wanted from the dealership so they got to get from us i’m like if i had five thousand dollars i would just pay my car off what the would i kid you 5k for but uh that was ending that dealerships is something that up at the aiming with the car

Max sadly we we got a good deal i mean wells fargo approved me i guess because i guess because i already had history with them already what was it about to say so we lost fargo without trading the car in we’re treating the car and me to worse obviously then negative equity on it because it’s not worship but yeah wells fargo approved me i’m trying to remember

What i’m trying to say wells fargo approved me for i got approved for a 2017 impala which i was trying to get before this car and then we got approved for this zero down 4.5% yeah interest rate that i have to credit yeah we end up getting this cuz like my wife needs i only have my charger so man and then like i said sadly this a car mix is good in his waist i

Mean if you stop around and look at all the you can get a good deal sometimes but yeah we got to do carmex was just like that like i mean like that obviously you go in they just put it on the home computer and the system does all the work you don’t gotta worry about dealing with a dealership going back and forth between the salesman and the financial advisor

So i do prefer going to carmack’s if you have no other choice i know i made a video and one other good car mags but check that video out anyways you can’t get better deals other places but this would be nice

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You Need to buy your NEXT car from CARMAX (HERES WHY) By MightyProphet