Whatever i roll i have to do i could get cinnamon rolls in my pants i gotta slap some grapes slaps i get slapped with grapes before that was amazing roll the dice right now so it says gabe’s name and it says slide with a scooter slide scooter gabe let’s go wow i got you some cats i got you some cash from our unspeakable money shooters thank you brand new bro

I heard something screaming did i get a rash mad i hate this slide orange smash oh no gabe has to pick an orange present oh that’s what was that one time you get a prize then you have to destroy it yeah i’m gonna pick this one bread that’s fresh you picked the wrong prize you ready i’ll pitch it to you it still works it’s still working stop stop stop stop now

We’ve all rolled dice and we know how this game works and you know how this game it just made me smash there’s a little bit of a catch as the video goes on the dices are going to get worse and worse so watch till the end of the video if you guys want to see the worst punishment james you’re up we got some new additions to the dice here oh no octopus what’s gonna

Happen to the octopus i’m gonna roll this one first because i don’t want to have the octopus you’re gonna bite it you’re gonna sit on it you got cereal okay that can’t be too bad what are you gonna do to the cereal tape it you got a tape cereal to your body good luck with that one chief that one’s not bad wonder what kind of cereal it is this is james the cereal

Man i think i think you really progress in life bro i think you have reached uh peak usage you’ve never been this useful oh it’s messed up bro we’re going to at the same time i have to chuck is it chuck chuck chuck chuck i have to chuck a red present not chunk chuck are they kind of the same thing chunk and chuck i need to call the young nowhere the same thing

It probably depends on what state you live in you call chuck and get him over here so i gotta pick my present and it has to be a red one and i have to give it to chuck who’s chuck there is no chocolate let’s pick uh this one all right you know hey hey give me that give me that was that chuck is that your uncle is that uncle chuck i think that was my dad chuck jr

Dale dude things are getting weird yo so uh where’s gabe it’s his turn bro oh what sorry it’s all me to come over here with these things you’re chuck oh no is that my name so nathan has to wear giant clothes to be fair i thought that said weird giant octopus i did too whoa who goes there i’m very sorry to interrupt this video but it is week three of the giveaway

This is super important week three prizes you could win a merch bundle a brand new samsung tablet and the third prize is you can play minecraft with me we’re gonna play some bed wars or skywars together or whatever you wanna play let’s play in order to enter to win these three prizes all you gotta do is go to and get yourself some merchandise

That’s it and you’re entered to win remember guys this is week three there’s only one more week after this left in the giveaway and then that’s it giveaways over so go get your merch dude these are huge i got my giant clothes bro look how big my shoe is yeah take one off bruh that’s a size 22. bruh wait what twinkies make that big dude that’s humongous look how

Big my foot is compared to it bro i got feet you can fit two feet in this one shoe that’s double my foot anyways what’s important is the merch is still there it’s still staying strong so go get it we got new shirts oh is that how you’re gonna roll smash orange pick an orange present and smash it you gotta pick your prize let’s take this one that’s that’s a little

One it has to be orange that’s what color that is yeah i thought it was xyz i’m guessing this one it’s the biggest orange one they have and it has to be nice you’re gonna pick the paper you want to smash the knife and smash it why do i have to don’t you want you should probably pick the worst present to smash he’s already opening it so what’s in there what is it

What is it what does it show us oh dude it’s something expensive no it’s a nice 3d printer all right smash it look it’s already made man got a very nice 3d hey i actually wanted one of these all right well might as well do wait how are you going to smash it hold my ladder nathan i got you oh he’s going to drop it yo that’s a nice 3d printer how much you think

That thing was in between 300 and 500 like don’t just drop it throw it like throw it come on let’s see it cereal man bro i think i could fit another person in here oh is he throwing it wait wait don’t throw it at us oh dude do you think it’s broken oh it’s broken it still works it has to bro that’s so sad i’ve never used a 3d printer i mean i’ve never seen a 3d

Printer all right my turn to roll and i got the red dice and it’s got all our names on it so first let’s see who’s going to do what yeah could be anyone james james okay james whatever this lands on you gotta do dude honestly they’re all pretty bad all right ready to die dizzy balance beam that’s not a good one all right you got your dizzy goggles on and i’m gonna

Spin you a couple times right oh bro i can’t even see nature okay spin faster spin faster i’m going to get you a chill spin all right give me your hand that’s the balance the rest is up to you good luck there’s three balance beams here’s the one in the middle i got what do you mean come on you got it okay fine wait wait game all right after that you can’t help him

All right you got it don’t hey don’t touch him don’t touch him i saw you bro come on james make it to me all right hold on hold on there you go it’s the left side you got this come on james are you losing seriously bro your health is going down you need to regenerate i need a golden apple all right maybe i’ll go right for the first no that was worse yeah we’re

Going to be here all day come here gabe okay yo honestly it might be better if you do it with your eyes closed oh yeah i mean just close your eyes your eyes use feeling only what what do you want you want help getting up we’re just going to go for it you ready nathan go walk bro walk straight walk straight there you go there you go you made it three-fourths

Of the way did we count that that was probably the best attempt yeah we’ll call that good good job runner are you ready yes set go all right we got where where what what it says nothing wait hold on i’ll re-roll it no no wait what does it say on the other side oh gabe mac and cheese let’s wear mac and cheese babe it was um no dude i don’t want to that’s so gross

It’s not going on my head it’s not going on my head you got to wear it like a like i’m fine all right so uh gabe has been given his octopus oh that’s so gross it looks like adobe i’m gonna let you get this one bro i’ll go get you some duct tape look at it bro now here it goes what’s up there buddy are bro it’s like an alien all right um put it put it on bro wait

Wait put it on yo pick up a cranium what does that mean i don’t think they have bones wrap it around like you’re uh like a fanny pack yeah like a fanny it’s a fanny pack bro there you go but what no you’re the farmer oh there it is there it is it’s an apron oh my gosh she’s actually tying it i can’t i’m so slippery i mean you got heck of more tentacles like you

Got like a whole foot and a half still kind of want to like touch it to feel it suckers is this a fashion statement or what’s up oh my gosh all right um i think one of us has to roll the dice now yo can you do it for me we have another roll here from mr james rolling the red dice probably the worst dice of them all okay punishment first punishment we have eat

Something bitter spicy and sour all together and who is going to do this punishment oh my name’s only on here once good and it landed on james all right you only needed one spot dude look at my foot she’s like holding on it loves you i don’t feel like it does so mr james we have something that is sweet sour and hot we have a lemon doused in vinegar with ghost

Pepper sauce on top of it and um here you go sour pepper bitter sweet this is uh ghost pepper sauce from melinda the heat is a five out of five yep it’s all the way up there a small dash will do don’t use any more than that take a bite take a bite why’d you take the one with less hot sauce huh should i add more on there what what it’s already in my mouth yeah you

Gotta squeeze it get the juices out of it all the juices out get all that juice and bite it down yeah there you go oh there’s all that juice that’s he’s trying to hold it back he’s yeah he’s trying his best not enjoying it this place is getting really red he’s making weird noises it’s almost like a cat person this is usually when he poops himself i’m gonna poop on

Your pillow tonight yep see i told you it’s coming i got the yellow dice so i got the food yo you’re a guy maybe i’ll become a cereal man with you no all right first let’s see what food i got i got cinnamon rolls okay so i either gotta bite them where’s them sit on them slap them oh you have to wear cinnamon i am now cinnamon roll man i now have a second cinnamon

Roll on my head those are big cinnamon rolls those are massive cinnamon those all right i’m going to try my best to balance them speaking of rolls gabe is rolling the green dice so you got red and you got trade trade what someone else has anything you have to trade with someone and the only thing i have is a cinnamon roll and big clothes and i got cereal he’s got

Cereal what’s left of it so abs you gotta take a present and give it to us but take one of these okay there you go is it for me yeah oh yeah what do you want to trade oh you want the cinnamon roll thank you yeah that’s actually pretty smart that is a long bow oh that’s snakeskin dude this thing looks crazy that’s not real you hold it i don’t know how you hold

It no no no no no i’ve now become a master archer thanks to gabe show me your skills wait hold on i gotta do it the fancy way there’s a fancy way oh it’s nice oh that sound effect sounded like real that’s good what are you doing what no master archer what hold on hey at least i hit the target hit the bullseye that was just a warm-up just making sure the uh the

Equipment works you know yeah so it’s not funny that’s nice okay so you landed on crickets now will you wear the crickets eat the crickets the crickets slap the crips slap the crickets what are you going to do to those crickets oh you’re gonna tape the crickets all right where’s the tape wear and tape are kind of the same thing wait wait hold on no hold on hold

On do i just get to tape the crickets i don’t have to wear them that’s big brain right there how many men does it take to tape a cricket yeah there you go there you go we got the crickets on the wrist yeah can you make a cricket noise that was my best cricket roll those days roll those dice rolly rolly dice roll those dice run it really dice oh hey blue we got a

Blue chuck blue truck what got a blue truck that’s nice go get your truck fit okay bro you’re the first one to get blue i know i gotta buy oh you’re wearing blue i’m gonna pick the biggest one okay this is the got more stuff yeah this is for you uh chuck here you go okay thanks chuck i don’t know what that thing is but it is massive oh he’s opening it oh why is

It purple oh it’s a fridge it’s a mini fridge oh it’s but yo for a man that has a beer butt he uh really listen heavy things that he just carried a whole fridge this right here is the worst dice i think you should throw one at a time game either throw okay uh so we have james so whatever this dice lands on james has to do it oh it’s the onion bob it’s the onion

Bob here we have a beautiful pool full of onions the water has gotten very gross looks like a small james what we need you to do is we need to bob your head in here and grab an onion with your mouth yo they’re huge yeah i know you you’re probably going to have to stick yourself that’s kind of small you have to successfully get one onion out with your mouth that’s

It no hands trying to grab onto the roof i sucked in water through my nose oh dude that water is probably so gross oh my gosh bro you’re just gonna have to stick your grab that just face you go just go at it just go come on come on the snapping turtle does not work that way you can’t pick these onions up you gotta bite into it tell me why you’re gonna no no

This is my theory okay this onion you’re gonna have to push it down to the no oh okay this onion you’re gonna have to push it down to the bottom and then you can bite it oh that’s the only way you can do it oh my gosh that is the only way because every time you hit it it’s just gonna be pushed under water it’s so weird no way man if this is the only way to do it

No it has to be because you could use the ground to stop the onion from moving and then you can just bite it this is probably the weirdest thing you’ve watched on youtube today isn’t it if it isn’t the weirdest thing you’ve watched on youtube today i got it yeah there it is let’s go i got your juice in my nose you have successfully accomplished the onion challenge

That’s what it feels like to be unspeakable yo how do people do that with apples though all right i need you to hit it when i throw it okay okay give red so you have to give one of us a red present which one do you think he’s gonna pick yo pick the big one this one yeah did you see that last time yeah yeah you’re giving it to me sorry bro just open it oh hello thank

You never mind i thought i was gonna get whoa sorry it’s alive you can’t do that oh you gotta warn me beforehand i thought you were giving it to me were you not where you know what is this how is this living moon shoes how is this living congratulations sir you get moon shoes all right i’m gonna roll the dice so i in my hands i’m holding the red dice the worst

Dice of them all can everyone touch it real quick gabe give it a touch all right so we’ve all touched this dice he landed on james again it’s the third time in a row well at least let’s see what you have to do okay are you really jumping yeah i’m gonna go a little further with this one did you just break it right no my my my ankle went ready james give it a slap

Give it your good luck oh last time i touched it give it give it give it some good luck maybe you’ll land on something that’s not that bad okay ready with baby powder that last time you hit it didn’t even spin it just landed straight on that one that’s the one i’ll be right right back yo can you do a slide can you slide in them i can’t stop hold it so me and

The boy got some baby powder you remember the last time we messed with baby long time ago if you guys remember that you’ve probably been watching the videos from hello remember the laundry room the laundry room we covered the entire laundry room and baby powder couldn’t see and that was bad it was bad very bad yeah you might want to hold your breath wait don’t we

All hold on give me a second give me a second you’re going to get more than one goop where am i getting good uh on the arm right here okay i’m gonna goo until i run out of baby powder ready for you you like waiting so hard it comes out so solid i have one more glue respectfully my arm hurts now you’ve been smacking me hard i can smack you hard i mean you don’t

Have the pain baby powder in my mouth look how solid it comes out oh that was cool oh no gabe coming in with our final toss of the evening ladies and gentlemen i hope you enjoyed the show so far let’s see what you’re gonna get what kind of food did you land on hard-boiled eggs nice what are you gonna do to these hard-boiled eggs you’re going to put them in your

Pants ah that’s great yeah that’s fantastic that’s wonderful egg pinch oh yeah i’m getting there one in my pocket two in my pocket one of my pants one of my pants one of my pants back of the pants okay one of my pants i feel like a chicken breast sorry i didn’t know i had juice in it feel like a chicken there’s one more is there any more in there nope there’s

One and then the two of mine gives me that chicken brother oh egg wars i’ve played this game before in minecraft egg bullseye that was not a bullseye i didn’t even hit the target goodbye

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