Youngkin: The Democrats are agents of chaos

Gov. Glenn Youngkin, R-Va., argues Democrat policies have created ‘chaos’ throughout the country and shares why he is helping GOP candidates ahead of the midterms.

36 governor seats are on the ballot across america and republican candidates are looking to virginia governor glenn younkin to put them over the top yankin won in a state that president biden had carried by 10 points he flipped that blue seat red his main campaign focus was education and parental rights also understanding parents outrage over school lockdowns

Younkin is now stumping mostly in states biden won including arizona and oregon he has this message about the democratic party they are agents of chaos and to stay in power that’s what they’re doing it’s your moment to take back your state to take back your schools to take back your cities to take back your law enforcement and to make a statement that just like

In virginia will be heard around the world junkin’s words echoed in a new op-ed titled the biggest midterm issue chaos dan henninger writes i don’t recall another recent midterm when so many issues were filtering through voters minds crime abortion recession energy prices the border schools ukraine and not least joe biden and with midterms just 19 days away the

Real clear politics average of polls finds only one quarter of americans believe this country is headed in the right direction in focus now we welcome virginia governor glenn youngin great to see you uh first of all talk to me about that message that you’re carrying on the stump and which part of it do you think hits democrats squarely well of course it’s the same

Message that voters last year in virginia spoke so loudly about which is they’re tired of the chaos they’re tired of chaos in their in their economic and financial life where inflation is quietly stealing their hard hard-earned money they’re tired of their schools being in a state of chaos where they were shut unnecessarily for an extended period of time their kids

Suffered and parents have been shut out of their kids lives and they’re tired of crime in their cities where in fact the the progressive liberal democrats have done nothing but make things worse and so this is what virginians stood up last year and spoke loudly about i see it happening across the nation and i think this is going to be a big moment for republican

Gubernatorial candidates to win states that joe biden had won and those republicans that are running in states that have seen the benefit of having a republican governor will re-elect those republican governors so i’m curious to know what what are the conversations that you’re having with those republican candidates for governor on the ground in terms of fixing some

Of the things that are going on in some of their states where cities are led by democrats i i want to know what that looks like because there’s going to be a lot to fix there’s a ton to fix listen let me tell you from personal experience we came in on january 15th went to work on day one we we issued over a dozen a dozen executive actions and executive orders filed

Over 50 bills put in budget amendments and went to work and that’s what each one of these new republican governors in these states that have been led so poorly by democrat governors are going to have to do and it is everything from re-establishing standards of excellence in schools not watered-down expectations but high expectations it’s supporting students who have

Suffered from the worst learning loss than people could possibly imagine we’ve seen decades of progress lost it’s back in the blue just like we’re doing in virginia with with our bold blue line initiatives to recruit and more cops and pay them more and recruit prosecutors and it’s recognizing that the cost of living is so challenging to virginians and americans

Today and we’ve got to get the cost of living down and governors have a huge impact here and that’s why i think we’re going to see republican governors elected across the nation well and we’ve got so much crime that’s running rampant i mean you you can have that leadership at the top and really make a difference i look at new york here and if they had somebody in

That governor’s seat they’ve got a democratic mayor here eric adams and our stabbings are up 41 percent in the subway system i mean that that leadership at the top really does matter governor you were just talking about it you made education parents rights the central theme of your campaign new fox polls show now that that issue among parents is second only to

Inflation now there’s no way you could have known that this is where we would be but this is where we are and when it comes to curriculum parents are most concerned about book banning a very second close not having enough to say about their own children’s education something you were just talking about and despite what we’ve learned from your victory a democracy

Credit bill in your state is proposed at making it illegal against the law for parents not to affirm their child’s gender identity how is that playing out what’s happening well if first of all let me just tell you it should not be a surprise to anybody that education is one of the top issues in voters minds it’s not a republican issue it’s not a democrat issue

It’s a parent issue and this cuts across all political divides and we’ve seen it around virginia and across the nation that when it comes to making decisions for their children parent parents know they have a fundamental right to do this and what we’ve seen from the progressive liberals is a systematic approach to push parents out of their kids lives and replace

Them with bureaucrats to replace them with politicians and parents are saying no we’ve had enough and one of the most amazing things is the consistent transparency that the progressive liberals show at their true agenda and every now and then it comes out it came out last year when my opponent affirmed everyone’s suspicion that parents shouldn’t have a say in

What’s being taught in school and now we see legislators in virginia be transparent again and say they don’t think parents should have a right to to say what happens to their children and should be should be prosecuted as a result of it you know voters are standing up and saying well i suspected that but now it’s confirmed and i think we’re going to see education

Continue to be a huge role until we get this turned around and you know we’re turning around in virginia we empowered parents to make decisions with masks with curriculum we’re empowering parents to make decisions with these most important issues in their children’s lives we passed a literacy act we funded record mounts into education we did give teacher raises

We can fix this but it all gets back to a fundamental belief that parents matter they have a primary role in making these decisions one that will not be supplanted by bureaucrats and politicians and oh by the way you have to have high expectations for children we can lift the ceiling and the floor and that’s what we’re doing in virginia well and that that gender

Identity conversation that’s going on in your state is happening everywhere so i would imagine that also becomes part of what you take on the stump look nothing succeeds like success so when you touch down for these fellow republicans they’re not just looking for you to endorse and to stump and all that being able to tout where things have worked is also really

Helping let me just tell you how we know it’s not just arizona and oregon you’ve been to new mexico georgia michigan nevada nebraska you’re crisscrossing the country last few words well we’re we’re seeing great reception for the clear message for republican gubernatorial candidates but we’re also seeing it in virginia i’ve got 20 stops for our congressional candidates

Jen kiggins in the second yes lee vega in the seventh and hung cow in the 10th to make sure that that that that that plane ticket home that plane ticket home for nancy pelosi is actually purchased by virginians and handed by our new republican congressional candidates that already joined the ones that are there how about that 20 stops for congressional candidates

Appreciate your time today i know it’s a very busy time for everybody 19 days away and we appreciate you taking time out from the stump for everybody in your party to talk about these issues that you want on thank you governor younkin thank you god bless you god bless you i’m steve ducey i’m brian kilmeade and i’m ainsley earhart and click here to subscribe to

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