Zimbabwes struggle to get foreign direct investment continues

Zimbabwe continues to struggling to get foreign direct investment, despite a raft of economic reforms undertaken by the Mnangagwa administration.

Zimbabwe continues to struggle to get foreign direct investment despite a raft of economic reforms undertaken by the administration of nangagwa although the country has seen significant investment in the extractive mining sector other critical sectors like healthcare infrastructure manufacturing and agriculture remain underinvested zimbabwe’s president emerson

Nangagwa maintains his government’s investment and trade policies on track to revive the country’s economy while addressing delegates attending the inaugural zimbabwe annual investor forum in harare nangagwa appealed to the country’s private sector to take a lead in reshaping the country’s fortunes our cross-cutting reforms have to date enhance the investment

Environment and see greater participation of the private sector additionally economic management is continually being strengthened while better public financial management and performance of state-owned enterprises is vigorously being pursued fdi continues to evade mnangagwa and is now turning to ordinary zimbabweans by urging them not just to sit on the fence

But participate in the economy if you look at developing countries or now developed countries like china india the biggest countries is not only foreign direct investment that has made them develop but it is also domestic investment by domestic investment we don’t mean we should find among our citizens people with debts and banks or lorries of money know we

Must have systems where the little that you have can be put together to do projects according to the united nations conference on trade and development world investment report in 2021 china has become the leading investor in zimbabwe and has also increased its trade volumes with the southern african nation in the first half of this year the bilateral trade the

Bilateral trade volume reached 973 million u.s dollars with an increase of 57 percent of which china imported 504 million u.s dollars from zimbabwe and exported 469 million us dollars to zimbabwe up 103 percent and 26 respectively as china is quickly surpassing europe and america is the leading investor and trade partner for africa there are concerns that

China’s main motive is to exploit the continent’s raw materials most african leaders have willingly mortgaged the natural resources in exchange for loans and mega projects with china frankly speaking there are some wrong arguments about china-africa financing cooperation the most absurd of which is the so-called china death trip trip following their political

Independence african countries have made tireless efforts towards national development and economic revitalization in this process a shortage of funds for development and the need for external financing are problems that african countries have to face therefore africa that situation is in nature an issue of development so is zimbabwe’s debt situation the

Solution lies in ensuring the effective use of funds and loans and increasing capacity of self-generated development zimbabwe’s rulings and the pf party has defended the chinese participation in the country’s economy don’t lie to try to pedro the myth that south china is giving is driving african nations into debt it’s not true when we get airports when we

Get power stations when we get a steel plant when we get lithium processing plants when we get new parliaments these are solid objects of human development they are those who pontificate about what they can do for africa they’ve been around for a long time so the chinese come and invest on ground which nobody has been he has been investing and then we have

Finger pointing at those please bring your money put your money there on the table america don’t put sanctions then we can talk about the merits or the other ways of chinese investment not when your hands are tied back at the back and you are being scrubbed you are being you are being mean and then you say what you are doing is wrong no we want to see your color

Of your money your investment dollar on the table to date beijing has funded the expansion of victoria falls international airport and upgrading of the robert mugabe international airport in the power sector it has also funded the expansion of the country’s two main sources of electricity the kariba hydropower station on the zambeza river and the hunger thermal

Station china has also completed works on the new parliament’s building which will be handed over to the zimbabwean government soon kylie kumalo sabc news

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Zimbabwe's struggle to get foreign direct investment continues By SABC News