Zoom TV on 7mate Ep.32 – City Toyota Finance

Buying a car is a very big deal you’ve probably heard a lot about car dealers being able to arrange finance for us and ask yourself well why would i go to a car dealer instead of a bank well at city toyota the answer makes a lot of sense apart from receiving a great rate it’s a very convenient way to do business if you were to attempt the process with a bank first

You’d have to make an appointment with the bank then go to the appointment at the bank then go through the application process then wait for an approval then back to city toyota for an invoice then back to the bank for a bank check at city toyota it’s just the opposite a quick no fast way to get your finance and the toyota you’re after in comfort and security no

Hassle no wasted time no problems this is a true one-stop process with everything you need and in most cases loans are approved within just two hours at city toyota they can provide you with a finance package for personal and business use with fixed rate loans and flexible repayments their business managers have access to many lenders and are able to help clients

Secure the best deal available as agents for toyota insurance they can also provide insurance for your car and loan to protect you against the unexpected if you’d like there’s even the toyota factory extended warranty for parts and labor to cover your new or used car for up to six years or 150,000 kilometers beyond a principal of city toyota is wayne smith so when

Bottom line am i going to get a good deal with toyota finance course he will allen and we try to make it secure and simple and we use that we fix interest rates by doing that you know exactly what you’re going to pay each week and in a in economy where the rights potentially will rise you’re protected from that as well okay so what are these balloon payments i keep

Hearing about all the time yep business has been using it for a long time now and it’s the student dividual that be able to use balloon financing so we even make the same car a little bit cheaper or actually for the same type of money per week to get into a better car and everyone’s offering the best rates are yours competitive well the secret is with us is that

We’re factory-backed so we’ve got a manufacturer that’s not only looking after their perch their car but we’re also looking after their lending of the money so we do that and that’s the biggest secret that we’ve got oh brad thanks for taking the time to talk to us today now when we ring toyota financial services are we talking to local people alan at tata finance

Australia we pride ourselves on having local representation in every state so yes here in subiaco and western australia we have a team here who are assessing loans from go to whoa sydney toyota finance it doesn’t get any easier or better you’ll be able to access the full suite of finance and insurance products available including motor insurance extended factory

Back warranty direct debits for ease of payments and of course finance packages tailored to suit the individual go to city toyota dot net or a you or follow the links from zoomtv com

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Zoom TV on 7mate Ep.32 – City Toyota Finance By Imagination Inc.